Sunday, October 09, 2005

Gigs This Week: Saturday Oct 15

Joe and Darin playing the blues at the Stone Face last weekend.

Saturday night October 15 we'll be somewhere in downtown Albuquerque playing at the Alibi Fall Crawl. There will be lots (over 100!) of other local bands to see before and after our set. As soon as the Alibi lets us know the time and venue we'll post that info on this Blog.

Last weekend turned into a blues meltdown at the Stone Face. We played to great crowds both nights. Thanks to everyone that came out to share a little blues and whiskey with us. Saturday night a full on, lederhosen wearing, 13 piece polka band played a set before we went on. They played all the standard polka band stuff, but they also did some pretty swinging big band tunes.


Blogger Danish4625 said...

If Darin isn't the sexiest man alive I'll eat Horizontal Joe's harmonica!!!!!!!!!!!Holy !@$#@%$%$ I can't hardly take it!! Skills baby!!!!

2:16 PM  

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