Saturday, December 03, 2005

Heroes of the Blues: Clint and Darin

The gig started out a little rough. The band was tight and the music sounded good, but stuff kept breaking. Darin broke a couple of strings right off the bat, and then he blew a fuse in his favorite Super Reverb amp. Fortunately we had spare fuses, and even spare amps so we were able to keep playing, but it was hard to get any momentum going with all the starting and stopping for technical difficulties. By the middle of the night our troubles were behind us and the band kicked into overdrive; it wound up being a great night for the blues.
Bluesman Clint Walker stopped by to say hello and tell us about his new band. It sounds like Clint has teamed up with some of Albuquerque's best players, including Larry Freedman on keys (Larry played on a few cuts on the P.Tails CD) and Melvin Crisp on drums; no doubt they'll sound great. No wonder he looks so happy in this picture I took of him and Darin.
The P.Tails next gig is at Brian's on Friday and Saturday nights, December 16 & 17.


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