Monday, March 27, 2006

April Gigs

Above: A Whiskerine, the official cocktail of The Memphis P.Tails.

Friday and Saturday, April 14 & 15: Brian O'Brien's
Friday April 21: Willee's in Santa Fe
Saturday April 22: The Barley Room
Friday and Saturday, April 28 & 29: The Stone Face Tavern


Blogger J.C. Brown said...

The word I'm hearing from the front office is that the gigs might get a little thin this summer.

Damn! It's already pretty thin!

The Barley Room didn't book us at all this summer, they say they still love us, but I guess there's a lot of new bands in the rotation or something. We've played a few gigs at the District but I think we might have gotten voted off that particular reality show. The Stone Face still loves us, but they've cut their music down to Fridays only. Of course Brian has been true blue to the Tails from the Crypt by giving us a weekend every month - thanks B! Also cool is Willee's up in Satan Fe, they book us in 6 months chunks. I"m wondering where else we could play around the Middle Rio Grande Valley? Any ideas?

8:40 AM  

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