Wednesday, July 26, 2006

August Gigs

Wednesday, August 2: Joker's Jam
Friday, August 4: The District
Wednesday, August 9: Joker's Jam
Friday, August 11: Willee's
Wednesday, August 16: Joker's Jam
Friday, August 18: The End of an Era - Last Night at Brian's Forever!
Saturday, August 19: The Barley Room
Wednesday, August 23: Joker's Jam
Friday, August 25: The Stone Face Tavern
Wednesday, August 30: Joker's Jam
"Pistol" Pete Panagakos will be sitting in on bass for the first few gigs in August while JC is on summer break!

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Blogger J.C. Brown said...

I guess Brian isn't going out of business forever after all. Aparently he's just remodeling. We have a gig there in September and then he'll be eliminating the east end of the club and putting the band back where it used to be in the old "library" days. Sounds good to me. Loosing Brian's would be a serious blow to the MPT. I'm not gonna change the Blog 'cause we might pull a better crowd if they think it's "Goodbye forever". It'll be our bar band version of repeated "farewell" tours. C ya there.

9:45 PM  

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